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Pogo Paperback

Ever heard of the collaborative writing of a novel? Me neither, but after being part of the community at South Pole of the Moon, they decided to make a page on their wiki for writing novels as a community.

I used my newly learned Wiki Markup knowledge to redesign the page and give it some structure, so we could have multiple stories being created on the same page. Then all I did was put a couple story ideas on it, and came back the next day. Somebody had taken my one sentence idea and turned it into a detailed outline of the entire novel. I like this. I’m going to add to it and make it better, but I really like the idea of collaborative writing. I think it could catch on. So my message I want you to get from this post is: wiki’s are awesome tools for collaborative writing. If you want to find out what I mean, come to the South Pole of the Moon wiki!

That’s all.

PS: Here’s a direct link to the wiki page.


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